Monday, March 24, 2014

Local Events Southern California Spring2014

  •  CHÁVEZ FILM:  Starting Friday, March 28, “César Chavez,” a biopic movie about the United Farmworkers Union co-founder's life, will screen daily at Riverside Plaza Regal Cinema.  Theaters in Moreno Valley, Fontana, Ontario and San Bernardino also will show the film  

  •  CHÁVEZ LUNCHEON:  1-3 p.m. Sunday, March 30 at the San Bernardino Hilton, 285 E. Hospitality Lane is hosted by the Chicano Latino Caucus of the Inland Empire. Keynote speech by Maria Elena Durazo, Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO ~ $30

  •  PLÁTICA: WOMEN AND THE FARMWORKER MOVEMENT6 p.m. Tuesday, April 1 at the UCR Culver Center, Downtown Pedestrian Mall.  A panel moderated by Dr. Tiffany Lopez will include Ellen Eggers, former UFW Boycott organizer / attorney, and Mily Treviño-Sauceda, founder of LíderesCampesinas

  •  NATIONAL  DAY  OF  SERVICEMonday, March 31, is a day when people are encouraged to help their community in honor of César E. Chávez's birthday

  •  ART EXHIBIT:  6 p.m., Thursday, April 3 reception "Celebrating Women and the Farmworker Movement."  Performance by Mission Middle School Choir (Jurupa Unified School District) at the Center for Arts and Philanthropy Bldg., 3615 Main St., Riverside ~ hosted by Latino Network

  • Los Angeles Times Festival of Books 2014 on  the USC campus in Los Angeles.  A literary festival of publishers, authors, writers and academics celebrating literature. A free event.  Open to the Public. 13-15April2014.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Some Thoughts On Staying Healthy In Uncertain Weather

The brisk morning air is seeping through my louvered windows. I have a woolen blanket draped over my legs and a long sleeved pajama top with a hood to stave off the chill.  I used to keep a pair of well-used fingerless gloves handy next to the bed for cold days when I wanted to work but my fingers needed extra warmth.  

Tonight my fingers are surprisingly warm compared to the rest of my body.  I think I am running a low-grade fever.  There seems to be some kind of cold or virus making its rounds lately.  Several of my colleagues, students and friends have been getting sick with the same symptoms.  Though I have no cough, my voice has been frequently going hoarse.

In uncertain weather such as this, which invites colds and flu due to its fluctuating temperatures, now more than ever you need to take care of yourself.  Not just with fluids, but with fluids containing Vitamin C.  Chicken broth is a great source of protein and fluids. My famous recipe for Chicken broth is:
Low Salt Chicken Broth
Fresh Ginger Slice
Fresh Lime Juice
Microwave on high for 4-6 min.  Then drink hot or cold.

Updates on CelenaDiana in the Community Winter 2013/Spring 2014

In May, Islands For Writers Publishing, in collaboration with Salt + Spice Productions, will be hosting three Writing Workshops.  Stay tuned for more information.

On Tuesdays, I teach four (4) classes at a local senior center, Janet Goeske Senior Center, in Riverside, Ca, which include the following:
Current Events
Cancer Support For Seniors
Poetry Writing
Fiction/NonFiction Writing

On Thursdays, I teach three (3) independent community classes in Riverside, Ca:
Poetry Writing
Fiction Writing
NonFiction Writing

On the 1st and 3rd Sundays of every month, I host a featured literary venue entitled, Dreams Within The Ocean Literary Venue, located at Shades of Afrika (art and bookstore) at 114 E. 6th St, Corona, Ca.

I am a member of the following writing groups and organizations:
Renaissance Writers of Riverside (Ca)
Inland Empire Poets Group (Riverside, Ca)
Inlandia Institute Workshops (Riverside, Ca)
PoetrIE (Redlands, Ca)
Mevoj Writing Group (Riverside, Ca) (founding member)
Lake River Moon Literary Mentoring Project (Riverside, Ca) (founding member)
Tuesday Writers (Riverside, Ca) (founding member)
Thursday Writers (Riverside, Ca) (founding member)

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Holiday Cheer 2013

A Cool Yule From An Awesome Santa
Santa Clause just arrived in my neighborhood on a bright red fire truck (which I think is much cooler than reindeer).  With flashing lights and a cool Santa siren.  Looking jolly, super fit and wearing black track shoes. It is great to have a health conscious Santa Clause as a role model to our neighborhood children.

Santa was really nice, singing out Merry Christmas.  

I really enjoyed following the sounds of delighted squeals and little running feet as children came bounding from their homes to greet Old Saint Nick.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Great Holiday Deals 2013

Subway also has a Vegetarian combo for the vegetarians and vegans friends of mine.  Still $2.  Avocado is 75cents extra.

Mom and I shared 2 sandwiches today.  For lunch we had their $2 Meatball sub and loaded it with fresh spinach and cucumbers.  For dinner we had their Cold Cut Combo and loaded it with spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, and red onion.

One of my super cool students shared this awesome deal with me.  So I am spreading the love.
Subway has a great deal on sandwiches.  That makes running around on errands and shopping easy to accomplish when you fit in an affordable snack for the holidays

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

I Hope You Like Jammin' Too.

We will be jammin' in Pomona this Saturday, 07Dec2013 from 8pm-12am at the Fox Theatre.  We hope you like jammin' too.  Because I will be there listening to the smoothe syncopated Reggae beats, shaking what my Momma gave me.  Cause hey!  Its Reggae and you know Reggae gets you in the dancing groove.

Friday, November 29, 2013

The Original Robin (of Batman & Robin) Tells All

I was really excited by the modern interpretations of my favorite childhood superheroes in recent films.    I have long since been a fan and collector of comic books, graphic novels, and action figures.  I still love the older film and television live action and cartoon versions of my favorite superhero shows as well.

Two of my favorite superheroes are Batman and Robin.  I used to love watching the Batman and Robin 
Show on television as a child.  Adam West (Batman), Burt Ward (Robin), Cesar Romero (Joker) and Eartha Kitt (Catwoman) were the best.  

Forest Trowbridge a friend of Burt Ward, has author autographed copies of Mr. Ward's autobiography, entitled, "Boy Wonder: My Life In Tights".  It is a riveting walk through the life of Mr. Ward.

Please visit Mr. Trowbridge's website at to purchase autographed copies of Burt Ward"s autobiography.

"Boy Wonder:  My Life In Tights" by Burt Ward (Robin)

Burt and Forest Trowbridge - 2012
Burt Ward and Forest Trowbridge

Adam West (Batman) and Burt Ward (Robin) in the original "Batman and Robin Show" on television

Burt Ward (Robin) autographing copies of his autobiography "Boy Wonder:  My LIfe In Tights"

Sunday, July 28, 2013

It's Gonna Rain Men in Aug2013

Ladies, this should be interesting.
This month is featuring a line-up of all men. 
This should fun, to say the least.
Romance.  Intensity.  Telling it like it is.  Men definitely have a way with words.  And believe me I am looking forward to hearing each and everyone one of them.  Do you think they might share some "inside" secrets?  I know being single, I need all of the insight I can get.  Smile.

On 10Aug2013, I am looking forward to guest hosting "Second Saturday Christian Poetry Read" at 15572 Grand Ave, Lake Elsinore, Ca.
More information, links and pictures will be posted on the event.  So be sure to stay tuned. 

The featuring gentlemen include:
Cecil "Quiet Storm" Williams
Anthony Watts
Anthony Arnold
Sam "Faithful 1" Robinson
David "i am" Galloway

Visit Anthony Arnold's website at  to learn more about the poet and author.  He has two books:  copies of  "My People, Our Trials and Tribulations" will be available for sale at Second Saturday's event and his new book "Urban Musings" will be released on 15Aug2013.  Mr. Arnold will be available for book signing at the event.

This poetry read is produced by Dream and Flow Productions.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

July 2013 Open Submissions for full Manuscripts, Poetry and Prose for

The following are open submissions available for complete manuscripts, poetry and prose for the month of July and August.
This list will be updated frequently.'

deadline 31Aug2013

Shuf Poetry
deadline 15July2013

Able Muse Press
=complete manuscript
deadline 15July2013

Trio House Press
=complete manuscript
deadline 31July2013

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This: Times Are Rough For Young Male Singers


I'm sure his 'mama told him there'd be days like this', but all I can say to the young singer and drummer of the band performing last night was “Wow! I am so sorry. Are you okay?”

The singer replied, “Why? You didn't know her.”

No. I didn't,” I said. “But no one should have to go through 'that'. Someone should apologize to you. And it's highly unlikely you will one get from her. I'm so sorry you have to deal with that.”

It's okay,” the young singer replied. “You kind of get used to things like that.”

These two young men were 'grace under pressure' indeed as this cougar in The Press, a lounge in the college town of Claremont, Ca., 'stoned' them throughout their set. Both men just closed their eyes and gave a stellar performance as the lush in front of their stage first nearly straddled the end of the microphone while the singer began his opening song, then sat facing the drummer in her micro-mini dress with both heels resting flat on the chair in front of her. The drummer simply flinched, averted his face, closed his eyes and never missed a beat.

As I sat there two tables back from the stage, ironically fending off the enthusiastic, amorous advances of an inebriated young twentysomething man sitting in the table next to me. I repeatedly reminded him in my best mom voice that I was not a cougar. He continued to exuberantly try to get my attention by telling me that my son played so well in the band. I don't have any children.

While I listed to the singer's vibrant tenor and the drummer's synchopated beats, I watched the drunk cougar in front of me. I wanted to yank the barfly by her lanky hair and escort her broke down Sharon Stone patootie out of the bar. And I'd never been to The Press before that night. I just happened to be in the area visiting after attending the Writer's Weekend at Mount San Antonio College in Pomona, Ca and the Lemon Festival in Upland, Ca. But, Wow! Every protective instinct I had flaired to life as I watched these young men perform.

When did it become so casual for women over forty to aggressively hunt and sexually harass men the age of their children who so obviously have no interest in them romantically? When did, “No. Thank you, ma'am” have to become a plea for help and deliverance as these emerging male performers had to fend off these aged, hormonal predators?

Ironically, I longed for the bow and arrow of my namesake to defend these young men I didn't even know and spare them from this unfortunate side effect so prevalent in today's society. I kept imagining these clubs with the mothers and aunts of these young male band members acting as impromptu bouncers so that these young men could simply just enjoy the beauty of acoustic performing.

That evening, in between sets, I went outside the lounge and tried to call my mother. I wanted to tell on these women and ask her, “Mom, what can I do?” But like any sane woman over sixty years old, she was asleep. I didn't leave a message. I just went back into the club, took this picture on my way to my seat and wrong a byline as I splashed it on Twitter.

Creative Commons License
Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This: Times Are Rough For Young Male Singers by Celena Diana Bumpus is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Monday, April 22, 2013


This is the link for the official National Poetry Writers Month 2013 challenge.  Every day there is a new challenge offered to use to write your poem. The page is updated daily.  Also on the site are links to all of the participating websites.  It is quite exciting to try out the different poetic forms and styles: NaPoWriMo

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Call for Submissions Special Anthology Mevoj feat seagulls, ocean, water, freedom, beach, flight themes due 01May2013

 Call for Submissions
Special Anthology
Featuring seagulls, ocean, water, freedom, beach, flight Theme:
Poetry, Spoken Word, Letters, Short Memoirs, Creative Non-Fiction, Interviews, Art, Photography, Drawings, Comics, Cartoons, Multi Media, Audio files, Videos
Deadline 01May2013

Call for Submiss Breast Cancer Issue Islands For Writers Deadline 15Apr2013

Call for Submiss Breast Cancer Issue Islands For Writers Deadline 15Apr2013

Call for Submissions
Islands For Writers Special Anthology
Featuring Breast Cancer and Survivorship Theme:
Poetry, Spoken Word, Letters, Short Memoirs, Creative Non-Fiction, Interviews, Art, Photography, Drawings, Comics, Cartoons, Multi Media, Audio files, Videos

Call for Submissions Special Father Issue Islands for Writers due 01May2013

 Call for Submissions Islands For Writers Special Anthology Featuring Father Theme: Poetry, Spoken Word, Letters, Short Memoirs, Creative Non-Fiction, Interviews, Art, Photography, Drawings, Comics, Cartoons, Multi Media, Audio files, Videos
Deadline 01May2013

Call for Submissions Special Mother Issue of Islands for Writers Deadline 15Apr2013.

Call for Submissions Special Mother Issue of Islands for Writers Deadline 15Apr2013.  Wanted:  Poetry, Spoken Word, Letters, Short Memoirs, Creative Non-Fiction, Interviews, Art, Photography, Drawings, Comics, Cartoons, Multi Media, Audio files, Videos

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Friday, February 15, 2013

Submiss deadline Apr2013

Ecotone | Submission Guidelines

Welcome to the Wide World of Interpretation

Photo: Just for laughs...
The next level of facebook relationship status updates. Where do you fall?

My Featured Black History Presentation This Sunday

I will be one of the featured presenters/poets at  the Black History event in celebration of Black Poetry: Call (Volume II):  A Literary Celebration, at Cellar Door Books, 5225 Canyon Crest Dr, Ste 30A/B, Riverside , CA..  I will read poems from my published collection of poems, "Confessions" (lnevitable Press) and my poems published in the anthology, "2012 Writing From Inlandia".  I will also discuss my latest publication in the soon to be released, "Street Lit: Popularity, and Analysis" (Scarecrow Press).  I will also discuss iconic African Americans within my family and whom I have had the pleasure to meet.  For more information about my latest projects and upcoming projects, I invite you to view my google+ profile which will give you links to my social media and webpages.  There are many things going right in the world today.  I invite everyone to help me to celebrate and show others how much beauty and creativity there is in the world that we are blessed to witness.